When it comes to the world of business, few have ideas, few have money and few the technological skills set but a successful company is one which has a mix of all the three.  We as a company who support entrepreneurs and start up believe that great ideas are the seed for any successful business, we would like to nurture that seed with our technical and web related expertise.

Splendio is a web development company that has stretched its leg in almost all aspects of business related technologies starting from normal websites, E-commerce sites, Management software, Mobile apps, Logo designs and other E-Marketing works. We would like to invest our technical expertise with startups having great ideas in return for Equity of the company. In case they don’t want to make us an equity partner, we are ok with upfront payment as well for the development of their idea.

How to go about? 

Very simple just mail us your idea and requirement in brief to [email protected]  or fill the contact form and we can take it over from there.